Interdisciplinary immersive design
problem solver.


At work I drive user experience from concept to release. I research user needs, establish product strategy, tell user stories & build prototypes to validate design hypotheses.

My goal is to ship enjoyable experiences that embrace the unavoidable act of being human.

Currently I'm working full-time as the Design Director of Osso VR. In my free time I've been writing and speaking about VR UX design, as well as co-creating a physics interaction system for VR. You can find me on twitter if you want to see what I'm up to in the world of immersive design.


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Selected Work

Ebola Training Project (Gear VR)

The reality of working on-site in an Ebola treatment center is difficult to train for, unless you can experience it first-hand. The Ebola Training Project is a virtual reality training sim for medical professionals preparing to work overseas in Africa.

I interviewed target users in the medical field, created an environment profile to simulate working in an Ebola treatment center in Africa, and designed interactions within the simulation to reinforce training concepts.

The Ebola Training Project has been featured on The Economist, GeekWire, and NPR, and was shown at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Open project

SpeechAce (iOS)

SpeechAce is an American English pronunciation app that helps ESL speakers improve their accents, but for many users, unclear task goals in the UX design and a general misinterpretation of user needs made attracting and retaining users unnecessarily difficult.

I constructed a primary persona based off test user feedback, established user tasks and pathways into the app's core features, and worked with the product owner to define core features and nice-to-haves.

Overall usability was increased substantially by the re-design I delivered, drawing a clear path for user tasks and contributing to the product roadmap for feature prioritization.

Open project

Readable (Kindle)

Readable is an e-reader app that dynamically adjusts the reading difficulty of books to match their reading abilities as kids read. The initial concept was developed by a small group of teachers who brought me in for design and prototyping.

I built user profiles for parents and their children, outlined use cases to refine our product focus, created a series of mockups in Adobe Illustrator, and guided the team to a first release version to bring to market.

The Readable app was submitted to Startup Weekend Seattle, winning 1st place and receiving praise from the panel of judges for providing a thoughtful solution to reading material adaptation & accessibility.

Open project



Basic VR Interaction Prototyping Tutorial for Designers — No Coding Required

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How to Get a Job in VR

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Reducing Cognitive Load in VR

Aug 2016

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Get Started with VR: User Experience Design

Mar 2016

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Each design problem has its own unique challenges. I am naturally inquisitive and thrive in the spaces where people and software intersect. I value a scientific approach based on hypotheses, and pair thoughtful research studies with data insights during every step of my design process.

Adrienne is currently stationed in Seattle along with her co-pilot and their two cats. Loves camping, adventures, and having a story to tell. Accessories include cup of coffee and a healthy sense of humor.