E-reader book leveling app


Kids at below-grade reading levels often fall into a discouraging cycle of failing to read as well as their peers, resulting in teasing or bullying, which creates an aversion to reading that can impact their chances of graduating from high school.


Identify core user needs, define primary features & user flow, and solve for a minimum viable product to bring to market:

  • User research
  • User profiles
  • Onboarding flow
  • High-fidelity mockups
  • Prototyping


Build an e-reader app that dynamically adjusts the reading difficulty of books as kids read them, leveling the material to their abilities and creating a positive feedback loop of success that encourages kids to keep reading.


The Readable app was submitted to Startup Weekend Seattle, winning 1st place and receiving praise from the judges for providing a thoughtful solution to reading material adaptation & accessibility.


After an initial blast of parent surveys and interviews with parents of children who read below grade level, we established that Readable would need to serve two distinct types of users:

  1. Kids: focused on picking out & reading books that interest them, in particular popular Young Adult novels that their friends or classmates are reading
  2. Parents: want to curate a family library their kids will be interested in, add books from the child's classroom curriculum, and monitor their children's progress

The survey we sent out also returned that the average family with parents like Gloria and kids like Amy are more likely to live in a household that owns at least one e-reader device, and whose children are already light-to-moderate users of that device.


Leading a group sketching session, we mapped out a rough onboarding flow to get the Readable app set up, customized, and ready for kids to start reading. (Click to view bigger version.)

The flowchart artifact ended up being a great alignment tool working with product managers and engineers on the first-time user flow before we committed to anything.


With the user profiles and primary flow mapped out, I wanted to focus on the most frequently performed actions that users would be performing inside the Readable app.

Below is a series of high-fidelity mockups, showing how users go from signing up, to populating their library, to reading a book, and finally to viewing their progress metrics. (Click to view the big version.)


The Readable app was submitted to a Seattle Startup Weekend event, where the application won 1st place and earned praise from the panel of judges for providing a thoughtful solution to reading material adaptation & accessibility.

Watch a demo video of the finished prototype: